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Rose Essential Oil; Why Stopping To Smell The Roses Is More Beneficial Than You Thought

#essentialoilbasics #essentialoiltips #roseessentialoil Jun 20, 2023

It’s all coming up roses when your using rose absolute (Rosa x damascene). The aroma is just so soothing and has been known for centuries to bring a feeling of love. Why not bring a bottle to your loved one instead of the flowers, giving the gift of the amazing benefits rose absolute essential oil offers? On second thought, you better bring both. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of rose essential oil.

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How Do We Get Rose Oil?

Rose absolute is distilled using the solvent extraction method from the flower of the rose plant, in comparison to Rose Otto, which is steam distilled. There is a high market price for pure Rose Otto oil, as the extraction is rather difficult. It takes about 50, 0000 roses just to gain 1 ounce of essential oil, when it is steam distilled. There is a high incidence of adulteration due to this, so if it’s cheap, you may be getting something that is not pure. With rose absolute, the solvent process is more efficient. The price is still more costly than some of your other oils but is much more affordable than the latter. It is yellow to brown-orange in color in the purest form.

Smelling the Roses

The rich aroma that it possesses is known to alleviate stress and anxiety and to overcome feelings of depression and despair, helping to release past traumas. It’s rejuvenating and uplifting as it balances, supporting happiness and joy. For centuries the rose has been considered the flower that symbolizes love, and why not? The aroma itself promotes the feeling of love and has an aphrodisiac effect. It blends well with a variety of other essential oils, making it very versatile.

Benefits for the Skin

If your looking for an oil to use for skincare or facial products, look no further than Rose absolute. It’s an ideal EO to use on the face, as It is moisturizing and regenerative for the skin. The antibacterial properties that it possesses are specific to certain acne-causing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes, so adding a couple of drops to your favorite face moisturizer or using cleansers and products for the face with pure rose absolute or rose otto essential oils is a great choice. This oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory actions, so if you suffer from conditions such as rosacea, this oil can be very helpful. Rose absolute is also a known astringent, resulting in less oily skin. Are you looking to tone your skin in areas that are sagging or have the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Look no further; rose oil has regenerative properties with its antioxidant actions and the ability to stimulate new skin cell development in the epidermis layer of the skin. As a bonus, it acts as an astringent; retaining moisture in the skin.

Hormonal Balance

There have been studies noting Rose oil to be balancing hormones during menopause.  It assists in cooling during hot flashes (as a mist) and works to cleanse, calm and purify the reproductive system. In addition to menopause symptoms, it promotes balance for irregular menstrual cycles, as it stimulates menstrual flow and decreases cramping.

Easing Other Systems

Do you have asthma and can’t stop too smell the flowers? Well, the aroma of roses has been shown to act as a bronchodilator, easing bronchospasms causing asthma attacks. This is due to its antispasmodic property. The antispasmodic action, in conjunction with its anti-inflammatory effects, works well on the digestive system, as well.  It helps soothe the intestines, aiding in digestion and elimination.

Who knew that stopping to smell the roses could be so therapeutic, beyond the heavenly scent? I would love to know what you may have used Rose essential for in the comments.

DIY Rose Mist Recipe

Add 1 ounce (30 ml) of distilled water to the bottle, followed by 1 ounce of pure aloe vera gel. Add 4-5 drops of essential oil. Spray on the face when you need a boost in your mood or to alleviate hot flashes. Also great to use for toning and hydrating skin.

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