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About Me and My Story


Hi I’m Tess. I am a mom of 5, Mimi of one, and a sucker for a good cup of tea. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and have worked in healthcare for over 30. Although I spent many years in the conventional medicine space (mainly critical care and hospice), my curiosity and, later, passion drove my desire to support and serve others from a different paradigm. Working within our healthcare system for 3 decades made me witness the revolving door of people with chronic illnesses looking for relief and, most of the time, not finding it. Or finding only temporary reprieve. More pharmaceuticals are usually the answer, often to treat the symptoms of side effects of other medications. But I’ll get off my soap box.


What I learned from my many years of experience are 3 things (there are more, but let’s start here);

  • You can’t put health in a box. Everyone is unique and bio-individual.
  • Knowledge is power, and people are not well informed on how to support their bodies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies drive much of our healthcare industry (there, I said it)

My mission is to build a bridge between conventional and holistic healthcare because I am not saying that we may not need to seek conventional care. Western medicine does a good job at acute emergency medicine but lacks in chronic illness and root-cause resolution. Most chronic illnesses are preventable and/or can be well managed with lifestyle modification. The need for education is great, yet lacking.

I want to empower men and women over 40 to build resilience and support their health and wellness through education and integrating holistic modalities. As we age, our bodies and minds face unique challenges that require a comprehensive approach to maintain vitality and balance. I believe in the power of combining traditional knowledge with holistic practices to create personalized health solutions. By educating our community about natural health strategies and providing access to holistic therapies, I aim to foster a deeper understanding of achieving and sustaining optimal wellness. I aim to help you navigate this journey with confidence, resilience, and a renewed sense of well-being.


I bring an integrated approach to serving individuals with the following credentials: I am a seasoned registered nurse with extensive experience in ICU and hospice care. I am a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, soon to be certified in functional diagnostics. I studied herbal medicine at The American College of Health Sciences, receiving my diploma in Master Herbalism. I am also a Certified Health and Life Coach through HCI and studied aromatherapy at The Aromahead Institute. 

In my spare time, you can find me with my nose in a book, listening to music, hiking, digging in the dirt, and spending time with my kiddos. Let’s have a virtual cup of tea and chat!

With love and light, 

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