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HI, I'm Tess!

As a Naturopathic consultant, I blend my extensive nursing background with the power of functional nutrition and herbal medicine. I guide individuals through midlife transformations and chronic illness management, helping them reclaim vitality and well-being. You can’t place health and wellness in a box, as every person is unique and individual, so I use a whole-person, holistic, and integrative approach to get to the root, with a nurse’s heart and a naturopath’s approach. 

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What do we mean by functional and integrative?

Functional means working with someone on an individual’s internal and external root/cause resolution (resolving the underlying issue).

Integrative means utilizing various natural/holistic/alternative approaches to health and wellness for support in conjunction with laser-focused coaching. 

Compassion in relation to how we approach your person-centered needs and goals of well-being and in relation to learning how to show self-compassion during this pivotal season. 

This dual approach is necessary for you to optimize your success in reaching your personal health and wellness goals- however that is defined for you. 


 I'm glad you’re here, and we hope to connect with you soon!

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Functional Wellness Planning

  • Comprehensive Assessment: We'll explore your health history, habits, and desired outcomes.
  • Lab/Test Result Integration: Your recent medical data will be incorporated into your wellness plan if they are available.
  • Personalized Support: Receive a tailored wellness plan to meet your unique needs and goals using integrative health protocols.
  • Guidance and Commitment: We'll work together to ensure your success on this empowering journey.
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Do Cleanses Work?

Aug 03, 2023

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My experience working with Tess as my coach has transformed my life. I’ve discovered so much about myself including understanding transformation is part of my life journey; not a one and done experience.

Michelle Kern

Dawn B

Tess was compassionate, empathetic, and professional. She guided me through a
session that assisted me to dig deep in areas of my life that I felt could use
improvement but just did not know where to begin. I plan to see her again for further
work in the near future.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

When I signed up for a course with Tess at Living Well with Tess part of me was hoping for
a miracle with regards to changing my body and health. I didn’t realize I would reach
untapped parts of my soul and learn how “all things are connected”. Her skills are vast and
her approach encompasses so much for than a “miracle diet”.

Nancy L

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