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How to Make Switching to Natural Deodorant Easy

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So, you have learned that antiperspirants can potentially be hazardous to your health. Now you want to stop using them and start using a natural deodorant. Great! Congratulations on switching to natural deodorant and not risking the potential damage down the road. There are a few things, however, that you may want to take into consideration when stopping the use of antiperspirant and a few things you should be looking for in a natural deodorant. Here is how to make switching to natural deodorant easy.

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What is the Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants?

You may be saying, well aren’t they all the same Tess? Many people think so. I know there was a time, not that long ago, I really thought they were interchangeable. The antiperspirants decrease the sweating process with aluminum and other synthetic substances, while deodorants, deodorize. Your conventional variety may use synthetic fragrance oils to mask the odor. These may have added risk to your health and cause skin irritation.

What to Look for in Natural Deodorant

I had someone ask me, not long ago, why is it when I use this natural deodorant (it was one that is on the market in big box stores, but not mentioning any names here), I end up smelling like a 13-year-old going through puberty? There are a few reasons for this; 1. You haven’t given enough time to detox the pits (more about that below), and 2. The ingredients, specifically the oils used, are not pure essential oils. They may be fragrance oils. It may mask some of the odor, but it’s not doing the job of killing the odor-causing bacteria, as some pure essential oils do. You also want to make sure there is something in the deodorant that is absorbing the sweat and helping to keep you dry.

There are a few ingredients to look for in helping with this; clays, arrowroot, corn starch, baking soda. Some people may be very sensitive to baking soda in this area of the body, so just be aware of that. Be sure you are reading labels and know what’s going into your product.

Detoxing the Pits

Yes. This is a thing and is an important step in making the switch. You see, for years, you have been literally, clogging your sweat glands with a “jelly-like” substance that has been stopping you from sweating or perspiring, hence the term antiperspirant. You need to let all that toxic material drain from your sweat glands and let those suckers breathe again. It will be a bit of a shock to them, at first, and may take a little time for them to recover, sometimes 3-4 weeks.

During this period, you may need to apply your natural deodorant a few times a day to help that sticky feeling you’re going to experience in the underarm. Gross? Well maybe, but what’s grosser, is that sticky stuff clogging up the glands, to begin with. The winter months are a perfect time to get this accomplished, as you may not be sweating as much. Our body was meant to sweat, that is why our sweat glands are there.

Speeding Up the Detox Process

If you’re finding that you the odor is too much during the detox process, or that it is taking to long, you may want to consider a natural detox mixture that you can use daily to speed up the process and help drain the toxins out. Sometimes folks will develop a rash from detoxing their armpits if the skin is extra sensitive.  Why does this happen? Well, think about it. Your body is actually used to the aluminum and synthetics that you have been putting under there for years. When you start to sweat it all out, your body recognizes that something is different. Your own sweat can cause dry itchy skin. If you do develop a rash, you want to keep the area as dry as possible. Using a powder, like arrowroot, is a great way to absorb the moisture.

Better yet, use a natural deodorant that has this as an ingredient. Avoid ones with talcum powder. Using clay to draw it all out and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother, you can make an effective detox mask for your underarm. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties that assist with ridding the underarm of odor-causing bacteria. When using it unfiltered and with the mother, this just means that it has not gone through the pasteurization processing. This helps to neutralize the odor-causing bacteria.  

What You Will Need for Your Detox Mask

You will mix all 3 together until you get a thick, pasty consistency. Place evenly under your armpits for no more than 15-20 minutes at a time. You may want to take the time to do this just before your regular shower, or bathing time so that you can easily rinse it off with mild soap and water when you are done. For best results, do this daily for 1 week, or until there is little odor to the underarm or irritation is cleared. I hope this helps with switching to natural deodorant an easy process. Happy detoxing!

Lastly, although I am a healthcare professional, I am not a physician. My suggestions, products, and education are not meant to replace the advice of a doctor.  Always consult with your medical provider regarding your medical care. Information and statements, regarding our products, have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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