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Four Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

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Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) essential oil benefits are numerous. The aroma it gives is beautiful and a bit complex. It is floral-like, but with a warm, spicy, almost green tone. There are even some fruity aspects to Jasmine. The scent is somewhat difficult to explain in words, as it layered, so to speak. This is partially due to its chemical makeup, as there are a few components present in this flower. But, the combination it makes is rich, yet soft and just gives a feeling of being content when smelling it. This is what makes Jasmine one of my absolute favorite essential oils.

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Much of Jasmine’s harvesting for essential oils comes from India, Egypt, France, and Italy. The oil is obtained from the flower by using the solvent method. This entails pouring a solvent compound over the delicate flowers, which causes the blossoms to dissolve into the solvent. These flowers are often called “Queen of the Night,” as the blossoms open up at nighttime. The oil is on the expensive side because of the way it is harvested. First, it is handpicked, usually at night or in the early morning before the sun comes. Harvesting happens just before the blossom opens or right after.

The harvester must be careful not to bruise or damage the blossoms, as this could affect the fragrance. It takes approximately 8 million blossoms to produce 1 liter of Jasmine absolute essential oil. This is an astounding number and really puts the value of essential oils into perspective.


Jasmine can act as a Phytoestrogen. These are plant-derived compounds. They are structurally and/or functionally like mammalian estrogens and active metabolites (1). What does this mean in the world of essential oils? Some oils have chemical components related to sex hormones and, in this case, estrogen specifically. When these components enter the body, it is recognized as estrogen. As a result, receptors pick it up, and the job of estrogen is then performing. When female bodies are experiencing signs and symptoms of PMS and Menopause, it is directly related to the decrease in estrogen and progesterone. To read more about this process, read our blog post about hormone balance here.

We know that many times, with these symptoms comes anxiety, depression, irritability, “brain fog”; as I mentioned above, Jasmine is the perfect essential oil to use to ease PMS and menopausal symptoms, especially when these particular ones are present. If decreased libido is an issue, Jasmine also has a subtle aphrodisiac effect with its sensual aroma. This is a common problem during menopause, and Jasmine, along with its friend ylang ylang, may be of some assistance.

The oil has been used for centuries to strengthen contractions during labor while it decreases the pain. Using in combination with Clary Sage in this instance has been reported as effective (2). It has also been used in hormonal imbalance with postpartum women, as it assists with both depression and regulating hormonal balance.


Jasmine is a great oil to use in blends to alleviate stress and lift feelings of depression. It has a relaxing, calming effect to reduce anxiety. It will leave us feeling more alert and attentive. Studies have shown that it boosts alertness and clarity: physically increases our heart rate and brain activity. The complex aroma helps to boost self-confidence, especially when your self-image may be a struggle, and helps one feel more optimistic. This essential oil is great to use during periods of personal struggles. It can also help if you are in a time of transition in your life or dealing with situational anxiety and/or depression. It can help to release inhibitions and diminish fear within oneself.


Jasmine is an incredible oil to use in skincare. There is a cicatrisant property to this essential oil, meaning that it has strong skin healing qualities. It assists in skin cell regeneration and works well in wound healing, preventing aging on the skin and acne scars. It can be very nourishing to dry, damaged, itchy skin due to cold weather conditions, sun exposure, or chronic skin conditions. Not only does it help to heal the skin, but it also has antiseptic actions, so it cleanses and aids in fighting bacteria, fungus, and other microbes.  It’s particularly active against Propionibacterium acnes, which is an acne-causing bacteria. It has been used for centuries in folk medicine to boost immunity and fight illnesses with the antibacterial actions it provides.


Jasmine essential oil possesses Antispasmodic and analgesic actions. Steering again toward a women’s menstrual cycle, this is a very effective oil in alleviating menstrual cramps. It also makes a great addition to massage oils or creams to ease muscle tension and minor aches and pains. When these discomforts are accompanied by stress and fatigue, this is a fantastic essential oil to use, as it will be providing relief to “ALL OF THE THINGS.”


If you’re someone who never seems to get a good night sleep, has trouble falling asleep, and never feels quite rested, when inhaling Jasmine before bed in an inhaler, diffusing it at night before bed, or adding a few drops to a body butter or cream, the sedative effect of Jasmine, might be just what you need to get you the rest you so deserve.

Make this sleepy time sleep lotion and get a good night’s rest.

What will you need?

Add lotion to the container. Use the stirring rod to mix essential oils as noted. If you do not have a glass stirring rod, add to a small bowl, mix with a spoon, and then transfer to a container. Use just before bed and allow your body to relax!

As you can see, Jasmine Essential Oil is a very versatile oil to use therapeutically and is primarily due to its chemical makeup. Although the oil can be costly, the benefits it will provide to you may very well outweigh the cost. Feel free to comment or leave questions below if you need assistance and would like to learn more; book a call with me here!


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