$199.00 USD

Functional Wellness Plan Consult

Are you ready to thrive and set yourself up for wellness success?

Welcome to our Functional Lifestyle Goal Planning Session, designed exclusively to create a personal individual wellness support plan for you.  As a Holistic Nurse Wellness Specialist, I am dedicated to helping you nurture your physical and mental well-being, empowering you to live your best life.

What You Can Expect from this 2 Part Session:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: We'll explore your health history, habits, and desired outcomes.
  • Lab/Test Result Integration: Your recent medical data will be incorporated into your wellness plan if they are available.
  • Personalized Support: Receive a tailored wellness plan to meet your unique needs and goals using integrative health protocols.
  • Guidance and Commitment: We'll work together to ensure your success on this empowering journey.

Take the first step towards renewed vitality and holistic well-being with a therapeutic protocol and interventions, including diet programs, lifestyle changes, and supplementation recommendations.

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**The lab analysis emphasizes a correlation between all parts of the body, not just one independent biomarker. By reviewing current labs and, more importantly, trends, we can effectively explore an individual’s nutrition and supplement needs.

Modalities used are functional nutrition, laser-focused coaching techniques to help find root causes, and herbal support when requested.

Payment Plans Available. Reach out for info- [email protected]